Points Cheats Scribblenauts Unmasked PC

Playing in Scribblenauts Unmasked will bring you to go for quest where you have to go for various famous locales, such as Gotham City, Metropolis, and Oa, home planet of the Green Lantern Corps.

scribblenauts unmasked tips

And every place you visit will have a main mission that involves helping a famous DC hero defeat one of his or her arch-enemies, who have the assistance of Maxwell’s Doppleganger.

In the game play, there will be plenty of random citizens, heroes, and villains that you can assist to earn reputation points.
For such reasons, you will need to unlock new locations and costumes that grant Maxwell the powers of some iconic characters and Aztek as well.

Whenever you enter an area, new missions will be randomly generated for you to dealt with.
In every mission, heroes and civilians may need your assistance, so you will be prompted to either personally handle the problem or generate some heroes to take care of things.

You will take a role as Maxwell who has an amazing power to create objects by writing them in your notebook and to modify them with adjectives.
Tapping Maxwell and typing “flying,” will take you to the skies.
Then try to tap an enemy and type “frozen,” to make that enemy stop in his tracks.

And, if you want the JSA to show up, just type “Justice Society” into the notebook prompt then Hawkman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Sandman, the Earth-2 Flash and Green Lantern, and even the Spectre show up.
You can also summon Batman, for equipment like Green Arrow’s bow or vehicles like Blue Beetle’s ship.

In The Hero Creator, you will get an access to create, edit and share your own personalized super hero or villain by using parts of existing objects from the expansive DC Comics universe.

Moreover, you will be allowed to piece together character parts to create your own hero or heroine, that you can name and summon whenever you like.

You can also customize them from a head, body, arms to legs with any other notable equipment that will be available for you for an experiment as well.

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