Clues to Solve HOS Puzzle in Surface The Soaring City PC Game

See some items in images in form of a letter or number coded in color that will help you move your steps.
Any key items in your inventory will be written in all capital letters.

surface the soaring city tips

Any placed items in your inventory will be shown along the bottom of the screen then activated them by placing your cursor in that area in order to lift up from the bottom.
After the inventory menu lifts up then use the arrows along the sides to scroll through your items.

Just select hint while in an HOS to show you where one of the items on the list located by showing a brief circle of light around the items.

Your primary objective is to find objects in hidden object scenes along various areas
You can use them with other objects to help you find clues, solve mini puzzle games and progress to the next chapter.

When finding some useful objects a summary after the completion of a HOS will appear telling you that the item is found and will be placed in your inventory.
Note that some items are parts of other items that will need to be assembled
Meanwhile some items are parts for mini game puzzles so that you have to find more than one of an item before it can be used.

When seeing an area with a large number of flowing sparkles over them just click on it to start a hidden object scene.

You must try so hard to complete these scenes in order to get an inventory item you need to complete a task.
You have to complete a task before an area will begin to sparkle and activate as a HOS.

After collecting some items make sure to put them in the task list located along the bottom of the screen along with an inventory tab so that you can toggle between the two menus.
Some interactive items in gold text prompt you to do something to them before you can eliminate them.

If you see your cursor changes to the arrow with gears on it when you hover over an item you have to find another item either in the HOS or from your inventory menu then combine them to form the needed item.
However if you do not have the item in your inventory you can exit out of the HOS and find it again

If your cursor changes to a hand just grab this item then place it with another in the scene.
You have to search and find the other item in the scene then put them together to make the item needed.
To build the item needed you can place a flower in a vase, cut an item, repair missing parts, or any other kind of action.
After doing so the item will be fully assembled and also to be clickable

In addition all you have to do is to find every item in the list in order to earn the inventory item because it will be needed to complete another puzzle in this game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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