Money Cheats for Assassin`s Creed IV Black Flag Xbox One

In this game, you play as Edward Kenway’s vessel taking a command of his ships named the Jackdaw then you will go entering the battle using our front-facing cannons

assassin`s creed 4 black flag tips

On the other words, you will simply play as a pirate then act and dress as an assassin while crossing the sea with your crew.
Later on this game, you will be equipped with double guns and sword accompanying you wherever you go in which you will meet enemy more often while having your voyage on the sea

Upgrading the vessel is key to both mission progress and acquiring real money.
Meanwhile, getting your ship upgraded will be useful when you are looting, fighting, or raiding coastal forts along the game.

In line with this, once having a lot of money, you have to upgrade your ship, the Jackdaw with stronger cannons, armour and weaponry as such you are actively encouraged to pillage your way to power.

As a result, you can get an enemy ship’s health low enough via cannonade and mortar fire, and you can board her quickly and without so much as a cutscene.
Remember that if you go through some battles you will increase your skills to guide you to your goals.

Furthermore, if you can beat all of the Legendary Ships, do not forget to loot the packages for the money in which finishing all four battles will also give the Jackdaw the additional move of a Speed Ram Attack
Because of this, your ship, the Jackdaw will dash for a moment for a raw with increased power by pressing certain button on your console.

Abstergo Challenges are extra goals in this game in which completing challenges will unlock both new items for Multiplayer and cheats for single player.

One of them is kill 4 enemies in a row with the gold pistols that it requires a few steps.
First, you will need to craft the holster upgrades then complete all of the Naval Contracts afterward.
Doing so will earn you the gold pistols to complete the challenge in much easier.

Besides, you can also get your ship without fighting in that you can try and release your ship nearby and swim to the ships and take the crew out.
Once doing that, swim back to the Jackdaw and then hit each ship with one broadside so that you immediately win the boarding sequence without having to go into heavy fighting.

In the way of collecting money in this game, you can sink one ship in the HMS Fearless and Royal Sovereign Legendary Ship battle
For such reasons, you can loot its share of the reward Reales that will be 10,000 floating in the water.
At this point, just let the remaining ship kill you and you can start the battle over again and keep the money each time.

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