Revival Gems Cheats for Crimson Dragon on Xbox

Explore the world to accomplish mission and maneuver your dragon around on the screen to shoot down enemies and huge monsters while trying to find a specific item just to unlock the next level.

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As a member of the Icarus Division on planet Draco or dragons, you will be assigned to rescue mankind from a contagious, deadly virus called Crimsonscale.

At this point, you will play as a dragon rider or a Seeker, and you spend the majority of your time on your dragon’s back as it flies over bizarre worlds while trying to keep your path clean so that you can efficiently clear enemies and avoid getting hurt along the game.

Later on, you have to gather specific sets of items and making some progresses through the game to unlock new dragons with statistical differences, elemental affinities such as lightning, fire, etc.

In line with this, in the traditional homing lasers, you will also find beams that continually hammer away on specific targets, dumb-fire machine guns and area-effect bombs.

Each weapon has an elemental attribute such as fire, wind or light that lends a rock-paper-scissors dynamic to the gameplay.
A light weapon will deal bonus damage to a fire-based enemy, while some weapons will dealt with enemies in the different ways and they all operate on the same basic principle Highlight enemies and fire away.

Furthermore, you will often get involved in the combat where you will take a few missions to get the hang of dodging enemy projectiles.

While having been auto-fly through some beautiful environments, you will explore areas ranging from oceanic vistas to white-hot lava caverns in which you must concentrate on dodging enemy attacks, collecting items, and blasting stuff away with your dragon’s built-in homing rocket launchers.

Some weapons are variations on genre staples like screen-sweeping lasers, little flurries of rocket fire or lock-and-release missiles that you can use to attack different type of enemies bosses.

After accomplishing a few missions, you will have experienced all of the game’s objectives like eliminating everything in the area, dodging the jellyfish lasers and picking up those magical floating triangle things

Afterward, you will earn rewards including experience points for leveling up your dragon and money for buying new dragons that will be tied to your skill.

Meanwhile, completing missions earns experience, which in turn increases the level and stats of your dragon then you can evolve your dragons to be the most powerful ones.

And getting a dragon to the max level will evolve into a stronger version of the same one, with the same stats and skills.
Moreover, evolving your dragons is more or less mandatory as you progress through the game, in order to keep up with increasingly strong opponents, but you have to farm specific rare items in order to do this.

If you have difficult missions, you can hire a “wingman,” an AI controlled dragon that uses the exact dragon and stats from other riders on the leaderboards then accompany you and help you eliminate foes.

Basically, you can also hire the dragons owned by players on your Xbox Live friends list where you will have basic control over your wingman and allowing him to follower or lead depending on where enemies are.

You can recruit wingmen in the heat of battle then command them to protect your rear or fight out front.
Getting them by your side will unlock access to a limited-use smart bomb attack, the perfect weapon for clearing screens on the many occasions when the skies of Crimson Dragon become too thick with enemies and their firepower.

Note that even when you hire a wingman from the leaderboard to help you out, you will still find yourself coming up short when trying to finish a level.

In addition, in lieu of checkpoints and and a retry option, you will be given consumable Revival Gems that you can use them to continue right where you left off in this game.
On the other side, credits are easy enough to earn, in that you must keep yourself well stocked with gems without shelling out for any reasons.

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