XP Points Cheats for Halo Spartan Assault on Xbox One

Complete missions to get experience point and use your pistol to pick off enemies from far away and firing your shotgun or assault rifle to blast enemies in your way.

halo spartan assault tips

It will be fun as when the action is zoomed out above the battlefield, every infamous gunshot, laser or explosion noise is present with vibrant, high-quality reverberations accompanying each one.

On the other side, during the play, you will be assigned to gain more xp to unlock new weapons and any other attributes you need throughout the game
In line with this, you can keep you coming back aside from gaining EXP and using it to unlock bonuses for you to use on the same two dozen, five minute long levels.

Moreover, you can use XP to buy new weapons like Spartan Laser, armor abilities, boosters that enable you to get higher scores and you are only getting these upgrades for one mission.

On the other words, these higher scores will earn you even more XP so that if you buy more upgrades you will gain even higher scores
The more score you have the one step you will be on top of leaderboards
So just keep playing the same missions over and over in order to climb the leaderboards.

The amount of experience points needed to unlock these items require multiple level play throughs
Meanwhile, the bonuses such as guns you unlock will only have a one time or one level use.

Because of this, you can keep playing a single campaign level with a sniper rifle instead of a handgun in order to gain experience point quickly.

Furthermore, the campaign itself is spread over six episodes with five missions apiece.
And these missions cycle between simple hunt-and-kill missions, tank battles, escort assignments and “last stand” scenarios.
Each mission takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and if you have completed each mission, you will receive a score based on your speed and performance.

Anyway, every episode in this game is treated almost like a separate campaign and starts off with two or three exercises missions.
Later on, you will meet the later missions in the episodes that will be more ambitious and range from a frenzied planetary evacuation to a multi-phase boss fight.

This game will allow you to enable one or two Skulls to modify the game.
For example, you can set your shields to regenerate only when you melee attack an enemy, or make your shield and armor deplete when firing your weapon.

The other advantage for using Skulls is that they multiply the amount of XP you receive from each mission.
While activating one Skull will give you twice the normal amount of XP, and the other one will boost your XP gains to quadruple their usual rate.

In addition, you will be tasked to complete 10 missions with a Silver medal score just to unlock the weapon for a single mission.
In co-op, two players fight the Flood in five missions and there are five co-op missions currently.

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