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What is V-Bucks Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is a free-to-play game which was launched in 2017 by Epic Games
Coming along with realistic style characters, Fortnite: Battle Royale offers bright cartoonish graphics combined with lots of ridiculous costumes such as dinosaur outfits and space suits
Besides, this game features V-Bucks, also known as the in-game currency where you must purchase them with real money
Because of this, some people look for free V-Bucks instead of getting nickeled and dimed by micro-transactions.

In line with this, some of you may think to get free V-Bucks on the net in which they usually type keywords “how to get or hack fortnite free v bucks no human verification survey” where they used to find some sites offering free v bucks with surveys or offer to complete or they have to download and install application or game before they are about to get free v bucks sent to their account.
What they do to get free v bucks with hack tool or online generator can be said as illegal way

On the other side, for those who want to get free v bucks in legal way, they must apply these methods

1. Login Save the World Daily
You may have to purchase the Players vs Enemies or PvE mode, in which they may to play or log in Save the World, to earn free V-Bucks.
You can play this mode on Xbox One, PS4, Windows, and Mac OS but for mobile versions, ios and android this mode is currently unavailable.
In daily basis, everytime you log into Save the World mode, you will get a reward which may be in form of free V-Bucks.

2. Complete Daily Quests
If you play in Save the World mode, be sure to get an access to Daily Quests where the quest is used to operate similarly to Daily Challenges in Battle Royale mode.
Thus, if you are be able to complete certain tasks such as killing X enemies with a certain type of hero, or completing X missions by a certain type of hero in Daily Quest , you will receive a minimum of 50 V-Bucks, with only 3 Daily Quests offering more than that amount.

3. Complete Storm Shield Missions
Another way to earn V-Bucks is to complete Storm Shield Missions in which each mission comes along with four areas that you must unlock to make your progress in the main storyline in Save the World.
According to this, every area features 6 Storm Shield Missions initially, with the remaining four unlocking as Side Quests.
If you can complete Storm Shield Mission, you will get 100 V-Bucks to 150 V-Bucks for free.

4. Complete Challenges & Side Quests
Side Quests in Fortnite are in form of another set of quests that you must complete to earn free V-Bucks which are up to 150 V-Bucks.
Here, when being in the process of completing Side Quests, challenges are unlocked at different times during the main storyline which can often be completed up to 10 times which will reward you up to free 50 V-Bucks per completion.

5. Participate in Events
In order to get more free v buck in Fortnite, make sure to take part in events, separate quests that will grant you an abundance of items, including free V-Bucks.

All 5 methods above are dedicated to anyone playing Fortnite who wants to get free V Buck in legal way
With these methods, you will be able to get some extra free V-Bucks that you can use to get new items from the Item Shop or save up for Season 4 Battle Pass in the game

So, for Fortnite players out there who want to get free V Bucks in legal way without completing any survey or offer they have to apply those above methods
Just remember not to try any of the “Free V-Bucks” scams sites that will get you to complete human verification survey or download app or software to your iphone ipad and android devices.

Again, for those who are still insist of getting free v bucks without survey or offer to complete, they may play around with a hack tool or v bucks generator
Once again, if you search on the net with keyword fortnite free v buck hack no survey or offer, they may find some sites which claim to earn V-bucks by sharing a link with your friends via social media.
In a glance, those sites are well designed and link out to the official page, in which they are actually fake and scams ones that you must avoid.

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