Ammo Weapons Cheats in Battlefield 4 on Xbox

Single player campaign will get you to go for a prologue mission introducing character known as Recker, appearing trapped in a vehicle under water with his squad members Irish, Pac and Dunn.

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Handed a pistol by Dunn, you must shoot out the window to enable the squad to swim to safety zone.
With Irish protesting you must take aim at the window, then following an onscreen RT prompt you fire and shatter the glass trigging a flashback to the first mission.

Furthermore, you and your squad will go through the next six missions.
For the first one, you will follow an assassination attempt on Chinese president Jin Jie, Admiral Chang wants to use it to blame the US and trigger a War knowing that Russia will support Chang.

As marshall law takes over China, you and your squad members namely Pac and Irish, forming Tombstone, are sent into Shanghai to rescue Chinese VIPs to help prevent the war there.

Moreover, you must all escape Russian forces trying to prevent you from escaping with important intel.
As usual, you will star twith no ammo, in that you will get involved in an open fire fight across open land as you fight your way to the extraction point.

In that occasion, you will see helicopters to help you dealt with long range combat and play a part both in support as you can spot enemy soldiers as well as call in the helicopter to take them out, but also the enemy will send in their gunship’s which dramatically changes the dynamic of the mission in a well choreographed and visually impressive set piece.

Throughout the game, you will explore all 10 maps with each level needed to complete and each will feature changing gameplay styles from FPS to vehicle use.

Playing the Multiplayer, Soldier classes – Assault, Recon, Engineer and Support will increase your level and gain you experience points to further unlock gadgets, weapons and extra weapon attachments.

On the other side, every class provides their relevant support in the match to help you along the game.
Engineer’s for instance offer up more aggressive forms of anti-vehicle usage where as Support class has much more offensive weapons than before.

The Recon class will offer you mobility boost to allow for better movement with better re-balanced sniper rifles to support your team from behind enemy lines
Alongside, Assault class will allow you to be the main lead run and gunner whilst doubling up as a Medic to aid downed team mates.

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